The Worm

This album tells a story of two friends: Skyla (a young man grieving the recent suicide of his best friend) and Grogan (Skyla’s recently deceased friend), on an adventure to save the giant worm from dying in order to keep the portal open to the Butter World (where any constructive action in our world results in a destructive action there, and vice versa).

Below are the accompanying comic strips to each track by Duncan Saylor.


This album is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Chef, and to his loving family: Steve, Beverly and Martha Otfinoski

Michael Turner: Grogan
Jonathan Nussman: Skyla

Tommy Babin: bass
Drew Ceccato: saxes, EVI
Bonnie Lander: back-up vocals
Phil Larson: Intro voice-overs
Joe Mariglio: spoken vocals
Bob Pierzak: vocals, synths
Kirsten Weist: back-up vocals

Comics and artwork: Duncan Saylor
CD layout: Chelsea Pattee
Recorded at UCSD Conrad Prebys Music Center
Dialog mixing by Xander Lott
Mixed and produced by Joe Mariglio, Bob Pierzak
Mastered by Jeff Kaiser

All music/lyrics by Bob Pierzak