Mechanical Jerk

Some have described 3SPDS as the chief engineer of the twenty-second century zeitgeist. He makes tracks for dancing, tracks for psychic journeys in the company of the god molecule, and tracks for cowering under your school desk at lockdown o’clock. He wires together monstrous, crippled quasi-intelligences with patch cords both physical and digital, and sometimes (e.g. on track 12) plays Gameboy . Yet, in the troglodyte krautrock vamps and footwork skitter, we hear evidence of an evidently equivocal embrace of the robotized sonic future all of this pistoned, microtimed yo-yo-ing conjures. Behind the sounds– made with custom software plug-ins, diy synths, a hand-hewn biomorphic sheet metal sculpture, a hurdy-gurdy fashioned from a guitar and a busted kid-size bicycle– we hear not a cyborg or a replicant, but rather a warm-blooded inventor. Glued to his workbench, heedlessly huffing solder fumes, he pushes forward by whatever means necessary, in the spirit of Eno and Perry, to make the recording studio not only an instrument, but a virtuoso one: an axe.

And, no pussyfooting, the credits disclose this to be no misanthropic exercise in fussy auteurism. Raiding years of what-the-hell-let’s-record-this live sessions and enlisting contributors across the outer-musical map, 3SPDS sutures the whip crack synths and mathematically off-kilter grooves to haunting tapestries of human vocality from whispers to screams. He opens and closes with his own subtly menacing pianet playing (contact mic’d on “Smooth Arcs” to capture the click of the mechanism), and goes for broke on “Pentacle King” with its warmly oozing electric guitar suprise. Some may listen to the chipmunk squeals, gut punches and gun shots of “Git Down” and say “maybe next century,” but for everyone else: the time to git down is now. The future came early, but we got off anyway.

Devin Connelly – Guitar
Sam Dunscombe – Bovina
Adam Goodwin – Contrabass, Bovina, Hrokkur (Hurdy-Gurdy)
Bonnie Lander – Vocals
Joe Mariglio – Vocals, Synths, Sampler, Electric Piano, Gameboy, Microprocessor, Bovina, Hrokkur, Processing
Bob Pierzak – Vocals, Tam-tam

All Songs Written by Joe Mariglio except 2, 4, & 6, Written by Joe Mariglio / Bob Pierzak

Mixed and Edited by Joe Mariglio
Mastered by Joe Mariglio

Artwork by Chelsea Pattee and Joe Mariglio
–The Risky Forager