Ranging over hill and dale, the Risky Forager scouts out only the most delectable borderline-comestibles from the mucky fens of digital culture. Eschewing the information superhighway for the rutted out-formation infra-byways, RF hazards rash, bite, and puncture. He seeks flavors, textures and aromas, which, endangered by the cultural/intellectual ego’s steady slash-and-burn encroachment into the multicanopied biodiversity of the id, have never been successfully produced under lab conditions. Indeed, though some have written off Risky as merely a gourmand in waders (or worse, as a foodie with a death wish), the potential yields of such foraging can hardly be undersold: Who knows what new cures, what forgotten entheogens, what smoothie-ready sources of micronutrients might be located?

Join the Forager et. al., here at this table, and be the first to share in the contents of our basket. Replenished regularly, through expeditions of ever-widening geographic scope, this is a cornucopia which we hope will grant you pleasure, satisfaction, intoxication, and only the merest hint of gastrointestinal distress.

Contact: riskyforager[at]gmail[dot]com